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Welcome to Ashmore Park and Phoenix Nursery Schools federation- two of the 7 maintained Nursery Schools in the city of Wolverhampton. It is our belief that children have an innate desire to learn and as Educators, it is our responsibility to nurture this desire.

Our vision of school is one that is rich in possibility and curiosity. Our ethos sees children as makers of meaning with a powerful drive to ask questions and seek understanding.

We are continuously researching how to evolve children’s critical thinking skills and design environments that nurture curiosity and learning. It is this understanding we to would like to share amongst fellow professionals. There are many spoken languages amongst the school community at Phoenix; it is through the careful design of learning contexts, that all children are able communicate their ideas and thinking, regardless of their home language.

We have been part of an international learning community, partly funded through Erasmus, for over five years. The research projects with our European colleagues have investigated the creative and expressive uses of digital technology and we are currently researching about the creation of transdisciplinary classrooms.

Our pedagogy helps all children to reach their potential (EYPP, EAL, BOYS). Please use the links below to look at our digital project work and our professional learning tab on the school website.

Our Approach to Learning

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