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School Uniform

Our Governing Board believes that a school uniform plays a key role in:

  • Promoting the ethos of our schools’

  • Providing a sense of belonging and identity; and

  • Setting an appropriate tone for education.

In addition, by creating a common identity amongst all children, regardless of background, a school uniform can act as a social leveller, and prevents children from attending school in fashion or designer brands that could be distracting or create a sense of competition.  It also promotes an adherence to a uniform policy which supports transition to primary school and to their uniform policies and expectations.

Our Federation has a duty to make sure that the uniform we require is affordable, and in line with statutory guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) on the cost of school uniform.

We understand that items with distinctive characteristics (such as branded items, or items that need to have a school logo) cannot be purchased from a wide range of retailers and that requiring many such items limits parents/carers’ ability to ‘shop around’ for a low price.

It is, therefore, our expectation that every child has a minimum of one Sweatshirt or one Sweatshirt cardigan which displays the school’s logo; however, all other items can be purchased from any high street retailer ensuring our families are able to secure the best value for money option(s) available.


Please see below our school uniform requirements:

Please see our stockist details below:

Stockist Details:

Crested School Wear
01902 593030
Wulfrun Shopping Centre
Units 26/27


Please note, there is no requirement for you to purchase a school pump bag or to provide a rucksack etc. for your child.  The school provides a bag in which spare items of clothing can be kept, in school, in case of toileting accidents etc.

In addition, it is our intention to collect, and to make available, second-hand uniform items to our families, to ensure items once ‘lovingly used’ are repurposed, to reduce the cost of providing a uniform for our families and to reduce the Federation’s environmental impact.

If you would like further details on our school uniform expectations, please click on the link below to access our School Uniform Policy.

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